Kingfisher challenge – check

It is kind of weird that I can finally complete my “self made Kingfisher challenge” in 2019. And it is not because of the year. It is because I took these photos from our balcony.

I was not sure about the existence of kingfishers around the small pond, which we can see from our balcony. But from time to time a heard the typical noise of these wonderful birds, but never saw one.

Some days ago, when the sun was shining, I heard the noise again (I was 100% sure that this must have been a kingfisher), grabbed my binoculars and finally spotted even two of them.

My heard almost dropped in my boots when a bird of pray started chasing the birds! As far as I can tell by now, luckily both of them survived.

Finally: Kingfisher challenge completed! (That does not mean there were the last photos of these birds 🙂 )

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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