No, LaPaDu is no sickness and yes, this word (actually it’s a abbreviation) really exists. At least in the region where I live. And to be honest: Even most people in Germany might not know what this means.

The abbreviation LaPaDu stands for “Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord“.

It is an old steel mill, which is open for the public today. Back in 1985 the area and the mill where closed and the city of Duisburg started to breathe new life into it. It took quite a while before it looked like it looks today. As far as I found out it took around 10 years.

In the past the area was used for industrial purposes, today there are cultural events, climbing walls and even a large gas tank where you can scuba dive.

It’s interesting how nature is taking back the region. Many plants, insects and mammals have found a new home in the LaPaDu.

We strolled through the park on a warm and sunny summer day and enjoyed the silence. Well, almost: The Autobahn is just a stone throw away in some parts. But the Autobahn belongs to the Ruhrgebiet as well as Currywurst 🙂

Stay healthy and have a good start into the new week!

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