One week in November on Madeira

Many people in middle Europe try to escape from the rain, wind and cold weather during November. So were we. But there are not many places within an acceptable flight distance. Mallorca? Not warm enough in late November. The Canaries? No good deal to find. Madeira? Rumour has it that only old people fly to Madeira to go on holidays. Well, but the price was right, so it turned out to be Madeira ;-).

It’s a four hour flight from Hannover, and indeed, the average age of the peope who flew with us was 60+. Not too bad though, lets say the flight was really calm ;-). The Island welcomed us with a few clouds, but no rain, 20 degrees and a pretty annyoing rental car assistant. She: “You need that additional  insurance.” Me: “No, I don’t”. She, “Yes you do..blabla.” Me: “No, thanks.” She: “Yes, you really need it because bla bla ” me: Damn it, SHUT UP and give me the keys!”. Ok, I didn’t say that but I was pretty annoyed. Madeira is relatively small and most of the Hotels and Apartments are reachable within 30 Minutes by car from the airport.

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It’s always good to have a hiking book, but unfortunately the weather gave us storms and rain so instead of the planned hiking we spent most of the time in the car, escaping from wind and rain and trying to see as much from the small island as possible. We always find something to do.

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Madeira is recommended if you want to enjoy warm temperatures without hanging around on a beach. You just can’t do that, since there is none. We heard a woman saying that this is the first time in the last five years that it was that rainy. Well, maybe we need to come back once again. But than without twisting the ankles!

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  1. Sounds like a vacation I took some years ago on Lanzarote. Everybody was raving about the wonderful weather there in April. Turned out it was cold and rainy and windy. For the whole week we spent most of the time in a rental car with the heat on. Still, Madeira is a place I would like to see – maybe on short notice after thoroughly checking the weather report.

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