Pellworm the green island

Sometimes I ask myself where the time has gone. My plan was to write this blog post weeks ago but there where so many things going on in my life that I did not have the time to do it. As I already wrote here, we moved into another city and started a new job, but this is another story.

Before all that we had some time off and visited the small island of Pellworm. Even many Germans don’t know this island. Why is that? Because Pellworm is more or less small, has no (sand) beaches, not many restaurants, just three or so grocery stores and as far as I know there is not even a cinema. Instead there are many sheep, seabirds and it’s perfect for relaxing.

Rent a bike, read a book and enjoy the silence when you are there – the next Autobahn is around 50 kilometre away!

Have a good start into the new week!

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