Photo walk: Zeche Ewald

One good thing about the year 2018 (despite many other things, just thinking of a dentist pulling out a tooth, instead of a vet 😉 ) is that it’s easy to find other people with the same interests in the internet. I looked on the platform “Spontacts”  to find others to photograph with. And I found a small group of five people who looked nice and signed up for a photo walk at Zeche Ewald (a former coalmine). Walking with others has many positive side effects. First of all: Photographing with others is always easier than alone.Why? There are many excuses for not going out. Eating ice cream, watch TV…  Another thing is that you will probably go to places you would not go to when you are alone.

Compared to larger coal mine complexes, like Zeche Zollverein for example, the area is quite small, which is not bad, though. After we shot all buildings from all sides, we “climbed” onto the waste rock pile (which is HUGE!) to see the complex from a completely other perspective. It was worth it!

Have a good week! 🙂


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