People of New York

We have been in New York three weeks ago. The streets were as full of people as all the restaurants and the subway. Donald Trump was informed, but not really concerned.

We even watched a musical (which was great by the way 🙂 ). Everything was normal. When we checked into our flight in Germany just one question: “Can you please confirm, that you have not been on this quarantined Cruise ship, or in China? ” . At the airport we saw some people with masks. That was it.

But didn’t we miss something? Correct: The Corona Virus.

In the subway I heard a woman talking to her child: “Try to avoid touching the handrail with your bare hands.” But due to the huge amount of people using the ground transportation everyday, this was probably just a normal conversation.

What’s now? Empty streets in New York, many infected people. Some of them died because of the Corona Virus. The Broadway is closed and so are the boarders. Today nothing is normal anymore.

But I’d like to show you some photos anyway. Photos from unconcerned people who strolled through the streets or were working.

Just like us.

Stay home and stay healthy!

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