Slowing down in Corona time

Stay home, don’t go out. These are the sentences you hear mostly in the Corona news these days. But I can really good understand that this is really hard for many people.

Even for us this is a difficult situation. We have no kids, a large apartment and we both can work work from home. So we decided to go out for a hike today. It’s difficult to find a route which is not crowded these days but not impossible.

At least in Germany we are allowed to go outside – as long as we stay away from other people. And it’s only allowed to be together with 2 others at the most.

So we packed our stuff and after a 20 minutes drive we found ourselves in a less urban area with small rivers, lush grassy hills and – sunshine.

Today all photos were taken with a smartphone.

Stay healthy and have a good start into the next week – even in Corona times!

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