The Botanical Garden Bochum

After we moved to the city of Bochum we now have totally different possibilities of things we can do (mostly on the weekends). We lived very rural before, right in the middle of Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover, all cities at least one hour by car. If you needed a special treatment at the doctors; one hour by car. Have a (yes, I am a coffee nerd..) good coffee; one hour by car. And last but not least if you wanted to go out in the evening…you know what comes now πŸ™‚

That’s different now. It’s much easier now and we can choose from many different places and activities around. Three weeks ago we visited the botanical gardens in Bochum. Entry is free of charge,Β  it’s nice for a walk and to see all the flowers and all the other plants. They have a large variety of chllies and many different cacti for example. I know that the comparison isn’t fair but compared to the botanical garden inΒ Mendocino the garden in Bochum is not the best I’ve ever seen. But I like it anyway and it’s worth a recommendation πŸ™‚

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a good start into the October!


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