P’town Cape Cod

P’town is the nickname of the little city Provincetown, situated at the top of the peninsula Cape Cod. Wikipedia says the peninsula has around 3400 inhabitants. But the region depends on tourists and in the main season there are many of them. That just means: It’s not empty.

We were lucky to visit in the off season, everybody was relaxed, almost no tourists. We went to a nearby lighthouse one day and were alone. In the city of P’town it felt like people just woke up from hibernation – construction here, cleanup there, many shops where not even open. The cafe where we had a hot chocolate one day was closed on the other day. Well, that’s off season as well!

We really like cape Cod and would recommend to go there.

Enjoy your day (especially in Northrhine Westphalia, we have a local holiday today, yeah 🙂 )

Funfact: Did you know that parts of the move “Jaws” where filmed on Cape Cod?

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