When travelling to New England your plane probably will land in Boston. In our case we did not see very much of the city, since we headed north right away after we left the airport. Our plan was to check out Boston on the way back.

When people ask me “What do you like most; The city or the country?” I would answer right away: “The country”. One reason for that is, that spent my childhood in a small town on the country. The next biggest city was Bielefeld. Another reason is that I don’t really like the hustle and bustle in cities.

But don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like cities at all. When you are here not the first time, you know that Vancouver is one of my favourite cities. I also like Hamburg, Portland (Oregon) needed a second visit before I got to like it. Los Angeles on the other hand was awful.

When you have been to the USA, you might know that most cities look almost the same. And we don’t need to talk about that most cities don’t really have a long history. And this is why we really liked Boston. It’s quite big (around 600.000 inhabitants) but due to it’s long history you will find many interesting places and facts about it when you walk through the city. With all the brick stone houses, large streets and bike lanes you could almost think you are in Europe.

One thing I would recommend when you are interested in history, is to walk the “freedom trail”. You can do it on your own or, as we did, with a volunteer guide in a small group of people.

To cut the long story short: Boston is worth a visit. Just also try to visit the places away from the tourist attractions, you won’t regret it!

Enjoy the rest of the week! ๐Ÿ™‚

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