What’s crawling there?

The botanical garden attached to the university of Bochum is always worth a visit. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to stroll around a bit or whether you are interested in the plants and … Read more

Change of perspective: Macro photography

If you are here on a regular basis, you know that I usually shoot photos of animals, especially birds. This time I dived into the world of Macro. I have done this before but it’s … Read more

Macro Sunday

Even when it’s still around 25 degrees these days, you can feel that fall is coming. The days getting shorter and it’s getting cooler in the evening. Right now you can find many insects in … Read more

The early bird gets the … cuckoo

My intention on Sunday morning wasn’t really to catch one of my target birds but just when I left the yard I heard “cuckoo..cuckoo” and it was worth a try to get a photo of … Read more

It’s a bugs life

The weather forecast isn’t to good for the next days; that was a good reason to go into the woods and grasslands just a few meters infront of my home to take some macro photos. … Read more