Mainzelmaennchen on tour in Scotland

When you are a frequent visitor, you may remember our Scotland trip in spring this year. When you are not – just visit the link 🙂 . On our roadtrip we were accompanied by a … Read more

About sheep and other scottish critters

With a population density of 68 people per km² (Germany has 227 people per km²) Scotland has enough space for almost 7 million sheep. And some other animals. 😉 There are many different birds, badgers … Read more

Road trippin’ in Scotland

Scotland is more than highlands, whisky distilleries and sheep. One thing which followed us almost the whole time (besides sheep..) was rain, much of it. But we enjoyed it anyway! This is roughly the route … Read more

Back in Germany – back from Scotland

We are back from two wonderful (that’s apparently one of the Scots favourite expressions, next to “lovely”) weeks in Scotland. When I will have finished browsing all my photos I’ll show you some of my … Read more