Back in Germany – back from Scotland

We are back from two wonderful (that’s apparently one of the Scots favourite expressions, next to “lovely”) weeks in Scotland. When I will have finished browsing all my photos I’ll show you some of my favourites.

For getting started, here are just two of 1575 pictures in total:


This was our first home in Scotland: A former Shepard’s Hut in the middle of nowhere. The hut is located on a small farm, and we even had TV, a shower and a flush toilet! 🙂


A perfect destination for relaxing!


Hope to see you back soon here 🙂

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  1. Du hast ganz vergessen den Dudelsackspieler zu erwähnen, der während unserer ersten Nacht in the middle of nowhere anfing für eine halbe Stunde zu tröten. Da hat sich das Tourismusamt echt mal Mühe gegeben! ;o)

  2. Love the shephard’s hut! Great picture as always.

    Reminds me of my childhood in the South of Germany.
    There was a shephard roaming the hill – and sometimes
    we got to help him taking care of the sheep. As a reward
    we got to eat a meal with the shepard himself in his little hut 🙂

    • The interesting thing is, that the owner knows the history of the hut and rebuild the hut himself. There was even a book in the small bookshelf of the hut about how to restore these Shepard huts, and how important it is to keep the history (where did it come from, who was the Shepard “lived” in there..). Quite interesting, though!

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