Road trippin’ in Scotland

Scotland is more than highlands, whisky distilleries and sheep. One thing which followed us almost the whole time (besides sheep..) was rain, much of it. But we enjoyed it anyway! This is roughly the route we drove on the Island:

We slept in our tent the whole time with only one exception.That was when it was poring down so heavily that we sank knee-deep into mud.

Since Scotland is an expensive travel destination, tenting saved us some pounds. Bed and Breakfast costs around 35-50 pounds per night (per person!) for example and having an average dinner in a restaurant starts at around 35 pounds. This is not negative, you just need to know it. We would go there again in any case!

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Top three things you should do when you plan a holiday in Scotland:

Eat fish and chips. It’s not an outstanding culinary reputation but this definitely belongs to the whole English / Scottish experience.

Visit at least one castle. It’s not cheap, but you are on holiday! Depending on the castle it’s a journey back into the past with many interesting things to see.

Go for a walk. Scotland has many hiking trails, and there is something for everybody. Don’t forget your rain jacket!



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