Refugees welcome!

Regardless whether turning on the TV, opening the newspaper or visiting any news page in the internet, you will always see something about the so called “refugee crisis” that Germany faces right now.

Until a few weeks ago, this was all still far away. But “the crisis” now has arrived our small town. The whole county has around 11.000 inhabitants and the plan is to accomodate anything between 3000 and 6000 refugees in two discharged British military barracks here.

Many people are afraid of change and so it didn’t take long for an uproar to grow: Yesterday a demonstration took place, by the politically right wing (NPD) of our county. But you know what? 25 people of the right wing faced 500 counter-demonstrators, who welcome the refugees. HA!

We also took part and we didn’t even see the people from the right wing, because they were so few and so well guarded by the police. 🙂

Refugees are welcome!

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  1. Mir Herrn Trudeau habt ihr jetzt ja auch jemanden, der sich etwas mehr für das Thema interessiert, oder? Der Artikel ist sehr interessant, danke!

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