Ten lakes and a canoe – Part 1

Ten Lakes, a canoe, four days and about 40 kilometres. That’s what part 1 of our summer vacation looked like in 2014.

The lake district in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania is well known for it’s canoe tourism, or what I learned is called “Wasser Wanderer” (something like water hikers?!) in German. Precisely that means packing all belonging into barrels and / or plastic bags, store everything in a canoe and paddle around for some days.




It’s all well planned..I guess 😉

Before getting into the canoe we got a short introduction, which was like this: : “Did you ever use a canoe before?” We: “Yes… äähm” Instructor: “Ok, have fun, bye bye”. Good, ready to go...we turned into the river without any problems crashed into a pole right after leaving the canoe station (ooups..). But we then managed paddling down the river and entered a water gate without further incidents – despite of crashing into some bushes and the shore several times.


This is what the tour looked like:
(when clicking on the picture you will be forwarded to the website from “Kanu Mühle”, the company where we rented the canoe.)



I won’t tell you too much right now, but it was a great experience. Totally different from getting into a car or on a plane and see the kilometres flying by. Read more about it in my next post –  “Ten lakes and a canoe – Part 2”


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