Top 5 photos – US Eastcoast

Vacation is over, we are back from the US Eastcoast and we are just tired. The jet lag could be worse, it’s only 6 hours time shift but we are happy when it’s late enough to to to bed 🙂 .

But since I had some time today and yesterday I already browsed through my photos to get a first impression. After I deleted some of them, there are still 694 photos. You can decide yourself whether this is a high number or not 🙂 .

As 2017 when we visited the US Westcoast, I’d like to show you my top five photos from the US Eastcoast today – the running order is not a ranking, it’s random.

I’ll show you some more photos, I soon as I have sorted them all, and as soon as we don’t fall asleep at 8pm anymore 😉 .

Have a good weekend and a good start into the week!

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