Urban gardening

I still have some photos from our USA trip in my pipeline, but today I have something out of the “real life” :-).

We are living in a urban area with many cities around. But when looking out of the living room window, I can see lot’s of green. We are in the city of Essen in 10 minutes but we are also in the fields in one minute by foot. That is a very good compromise for us, since we lived in a rural area before.

But there was on thing we missed when we came here: A garden where we can plant flowers and vegetables. Yes, we have a large balcony, but is is a different thing. We are lucky to live in the year 2019 where such first world problems can be solved ๐Ÿ™‚ .

There are companies who rent vegetable gardens. Well, not really gardens. It actually is an isle on a field, around 45 square meters large. The good thing about this is, that the rent is for one season. When the season is over, you just get all your stuff together, that’s it. And when you are in the mood you can rent a space in the year after.

“Our” garden is only 10 minutes by bike. When the season started this year, there was lot’s of work to do; plant new vegetables (some were already sow) and get rid of the weed regularly. But right now we can always harvest something when we are on the field. Besides of watering and kill some bugs the workload is more than acceptable. We have planted beans,peas, zucchini, potatoes, any kind of salad, kohlrabi, beet, radish and even Physalis and chilies for example.

And since it finally started raining last week at least a bit, we don’t need to water the vegetables today. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a good sunday!

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