Weekend impressions: Kiel, Plön, Hamburg

A short getaway is always a good idea. This time we didn’t go that far and booked a small hut near the city of Plön (thanks Airbnb!). From there it’s not far to Kiel, where we spent a wonderful sunny day at the sea. Kiel really changed during the last years and seems to be recovering from a economic downturn. There are now many nice small shops (stroll down the Holtenauer Str.) and Cafes (try Cafe Hilda or Bakeliet Kaffe) in the city. You can also just sit at the waterfront and watch ships and people if you like 🙂 . Due to the university there are many young people around. Really recommended to go there!

A contrast to Kiel is the small town of Plön: Nestled between lakes and even a castle with a large park – perfect to spend a day in this sunny weather.

And last but not least we stopped in Hamburg on our way back, had some ice cream and I went through the streets for a short photo walk.

This is what I call a successful long weekend.

Hope you enjoyed your’s too!

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