About Mice and Men during the apocalypse

…at least you could guess that Germany is just about to collapse, when reading the news. My warnapp on my cellphone informed me 3 times in the last 3 days. As much as in the last year together.

You can hear things like “railway line from x to x was closed “, “The Schwebebahn in Wuppertal is out of service” and my favourites “(..) The city of Münster looks like the North pole” and: “(…) Yes, it’s really a CATASTROPHE! I never experienced such a situation in my whole life!!” Said a 28 old employee from a road assistance company 🙂 .

To cut it short: Yes, there is (a lot) snow on the streets, yes it is pretty cold compared to the usual temperature this time of the yeas , and yes streets are pretty slippery due to ice. But hey, it’s winter and it’s Sunday! I am just sorry for all people who need to work today.

And now what I wanted to show you 🙂 : Since the lock down started we tried to leave our apartment as much as we could, just to see something else than the own walls. Our brains are happy about any change. When I saw our cat, sitting on the windowsill, focusing on something outside, I was wondering what this was. Usually he is “bird watching” 😉

But it was something different:

These mice are really fast critters, as you can see on one of the photos. Our cats were happy about the mice action and I was happy to take some photos. Finally some changes at home! 🙂

Stay healthy and stay at home. During the apocalypse this should be easy, I guess 🙂

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