About Mice and Men during the apocalypse

…at least you could guess that Germany is just about to collapse, when reading the news. My warnapp on my cellphone informed me 3 times in the last 3 days. As much as in the … Read more

Everyday life

I almost did not take any photos in the last month. This is why I can only show some smartphone pictures without any specific story behind. I did write some sentences in German language, though. … Read more

Geese, cats and snow

When walking through our small village on a grey winter Sunday, you usually won’t see many people. But you can be sure to see “our” geese or sometimes the very confident cat from our neighbour. … Read more

What’s in front of YOUR front door?

I hope you all had a great Christmas time and that you have some days off now. At least I don’t need to work the next days. Hopefully the weather is good enough to take … Read more

The characteristics of a cat

Are you roomer of a cat? You are? Ok, skip this article and get your cat some food. You are not? Go on reading and see how it is to have cat(s) at home :-). … Read more

Are you are tongue roller?

“Tongue rolling is the ability to roll the lateral edges of it upwards into a tube. The intrinsic muscles allow some people cats to form their tongues into specific shapes. Popular belief holds that variation … Read more


Back from our summer vacation I picked some ripe tomatoes and a cucumber. While we were on a trip through eastern Germany (more about that in my next posting), our small balcony garden brought quite … Read more

Rainy day

It’s July tomorrow, it’s summer and… it’s raining. Today was one of these days when you wake up, take a peak out of the window and just want to roll up like a cat and … Read more

A cat’s day

I think every cat lover at least once thought it would be nice to be a cat for a while. Sleeping, eating, sleeping again and receiving a belly rub from time to time. One thing … Read more

Our special furry friend

I guess every petowner thinks that his or her furry friend is special. Well, our’s really is. Can you tell what is so special about “Eule”? Eule is blind. Due to kitty flu during her … Read more