Attention, snake!

We just came back from a sunny, slightly easy extended walk through a Heather area nearby. After we started our walk on a crowded parking area and entered a small wood, Anna suddenly shouted “AHHHH a SNAKE!” and jumped up two meters (at least it looked like ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) You need to know that Anna HATES (!) snakes. After the shock subsided a few seconds later, we took a closer look at the reptile. Actually it was “only” a blindworm. I was happy anyway, since I did no see one in the last years.

Did you know that snakes like the (european) adder, are not uncommon in Germany? Here is a warning sign from the area where we lived before:

In spring time, when the sun comes out more often, you can see adders directly near the paths when you are lucky. In the area were we just walked you may spot smooth snakes. Both are not harmful for humans by the way. Bites of adders may be live threatening for children, older people in rare cases. I did never see a snake in Germany, though.

But when remembering our time in USA / Canada I can tell you that it’s not unlike to see snakes. In the Westcoast area for example, Gartnersnake are almost everywhere:

The biggest snake we saw until now was a Bullsnake in Yellowstone. I am not afraid of snakes, but this dude was pretty big and the path a bit narrow. With respect and my tele lens I was able to take this picture anyway:

Have a good start into the new week an stay healthy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Hey Sebastian.

    I made contact with Arne and Ulf for the first time last year and I know you have visited Canada.

    Arne said you liked photography but I searched for you on Google and found you had a website!

    The pictures we have of you are when my mum, dad and sister Sula stayed at your house when you were small.

  2. Dear Sebastian,

    My name is Falco Richardson and I believe we are second cousins! We have some photographs of you here. in England.

    My dad is Olaf and my grandmother was Sieglinde. I have spent some time living in Germany in Bonn and also in Sweden.

    I like your pictures and enjoy the outdoors and wildlife too.


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