Birding at the Kemnader See

I am not a (early) morning person and it is really nice to stay in bed 40 minutes longer in times of Corona and home office.

On weekends it’s the same. When there is no need to get up, I usually like to sleep a little longer :-). But today I grabbed my camera to drive to the Kemnader See (a large lake in this region) for birding.

Target bird: One of favourite birds here, the european Kingfisher. When we walked around the lake at the beginning of the year, we did see many of them. The chance to see on pretty good. At least in theory.

Unfortunately I was not lucky at all, I did not even here one. At least I did see many other birds, so I will show you some of them.

And as a treat I share a photo of a falcon fight from last week. I literally shot the photo from our doorstep.

Stay healthy and have a good start into the new week!

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