Weekend impressions: Kiel, Plön, Hamburg

A short getaway is always a good idea. This time we didn’t go that far and booked a small hut near the city of Plön (thanks Airbnb!). From there it’s not far to Kiel, where … Read more

A Sunday in Hamburg

I was just browsing through my camera a squirrel photos that I shot today and what I also found was pictures from Hamburg I actually wanted to show you earlier 🙂 Nothing else to say … Read more

Saturday trip to Bremen

Have you (lately) been in Bremen? In case the answer is no: You really should catch up on going there! My recommendations: Besides visiting the nice old city you should get a coffee at the … Read more

Photos of December

December was a bit slow regarding taking photos. One excuse is the grey weather. Fog and rain isn’t that much fun. But we also had some nice days last week and took the opportunity to … Read more

Lazy days in Northern Germany

The year 2016 slowly moves to it’s end. And usually it’s the time of the year to use the rest of the vacation days. We decided to spend a long lazy weekend at the German … Read more

Planespotting in Hamburg

When you are planning a trip to Hamburg and want to find good photo spots, it’s always a good idea to check out the website Hamburger-Fotospots. My plan was to go “planespotting” in Hamburg and … Read more

Lueneburg Impressions

From today on it’s officially spring. Really? When looking outside the window it’s grey, cold and rainy. But yesterday was a good day to drive to Lueneburg for a little bit of shopping and enjoying … Read more

Squirrel paradise: The Ohlsdorf cemetery

I hope you all had a great Christmas time! To be honest I am happy that it’s over now. To much food and Christmas stress 🙂 Yesterday we spent the day in Hamburg. While Anna … Read more

Hamburg Hafencity

Sorry for the gap between my last post and this one. But since I had several things to do and the weekend is the only time I can take photos right now there was no … Read more

I see blue: Hamburg Cruise Days

Or in other words: How to squeeze your way through thousands of people to see some (impressive) cruise ships. The Hamburg Cruise Days is a large event in Hamburg. The main areas on the Elbe … Read more