Hamburg Hafencity

Sorry for the gap between my last post and this one. But since I had several things to do and the weekend is the only time I can take photos right now there was no … Read more

I see blue: Hamburg Cruise Days

Or in other words: How to squeeze your way through thousands of people to see some (impressive) cruise ships. The Hamburg Cruise Days is a large event in Hamburg. The main areas on the Elbe … Read more

Beach Dogs

When laying at the beach, there are plenty of things to do: Reading, eating icecream, looking into the sky, watching people and photographing dogs. ๐Ÿ™‚ Inspired by my “Ambleside beach dog post” in West Vancouver, … Read more

Heading North

Last week we packed our car and headed up north to enjoy 5 very sunny days near the sea. Staying in northern Germany means for us winding down and relaxing. And this was exactly what … Read more

Saturdays in Lueneburg

I can’t believe that I didn’t show you any photos from Lueneburg until now! We don’t live too far away and like to visit on Saturdays. [doptg id=”46″] Some of my recommendations for Lueneburg: 1.) … Read more

Short-trip to Hamburg

I’m in Hamburg five times a week. But for work and not for pleasure. On weekends the Autobahn is less crowded than during the week, which makes it easy to be in the city within … Read more

Relaxing on Nordstrand

Even in Germany we have several places where live is a little slower than anywhere else. One of those places is Nordstrand, a small peninsula near Husum. There is not much industry (probably only milk … Read more

Husum, the grey town by the sea

“Husum, the grey town by the sea” is a poem by Theodor Storm, who was born in Husum. Don’t know how the city looked like in 1852 but the small city by the north sea … Read more

Searching the Lueneburger Heide

Since we had a really beautiful day today, we spontaneous decided to search for the Lueneburger Heide in Mueden, which is a touristy village near Celle. Yes, right. We were searching for the Lueneburger Heide. … Read more

From dusk till dawn: photo night in Hamburg

Taking photos from six in the evening to six in the morning – that kind of was a challenge. But believe it or not: These 12 hours felt much more like four. This year the … Read more