Squirrel paradise: The Ohlsdorf cemetery

I hope you all had a great Christmas time!
To be honest I am happy that it’s over now. To much food and Christmas stress 🙂

Yesterday we spent the day in Hamburg. While Anna visited a friend, I strolled around the Ohlsdorf cemetery a bit. This is always a good idea when you want to combine a walk with taking photos. The park is large enough that you don’t meet any other (living) people – if you don’t want to.

The Ohlsdorf cemetery (click for previous pictures) is three things in one

1.) It’s a cemetery 🙂 And it’s a pretty one.
2.) It’s kind of a city park.
3.) It’s home to different animals like birds, foxes, squirrels or rabbits.

I actually saw tons of squirrels and birds, as you can see here:

My personal favourite this time is “The chairs” next to “The Readbreast”. 

What’s your favourite?

I wish you all a happy New Year and I hope you come again next year! 🙂

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  1. […] in the USA are totally different from what we know from Germany. Thinking of the Ohlsdorfer Friedhof in Hamburg or the Kölner Melaten Friedhof the differences are huge. In the US, graves are more minimalistic, […]

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