Covid Tristesse

The french word Tristesse is probably a pretty good description of what people feel like all over the world in these days. Every day feels like the same and the media is flooded with negative Covid news every day.

In Germany we are still waiting to get a vaccination. The NY times lately reported that Germany is good in waiting. Waiting for masks, waiting for vaccine and waiting for getting vaccinated. Sad but true. In my case it’s actually whining on a very high level. We are living in an apartment which is big enough, our jobs are secure and we are healthy, which is the most important thing. Nevertheless it’s all a bit frustrating. There must be something wrong, when googles monthly timeline reminds you that your local supermarket was the highlight last month 🙂 .

But Covid also has a positive side effect: I can finally pay my Brötchen with google pay in our local bakery now! 🙂 .

Since there are only a handful things you could do right now, we are outside for hikes / walks regularly but I am not really in the mood for taking photos. My plan is to wait for a weather change in the next days to go into the woods and also visit the Kingfisher in Mülheim.

Until then I like to show you some of my photos I took in the “Romberg Park” in Dortmund, a few weeks ago. The brown squirrel was busy with building a nest, it was interesting to watch how clumsy it was (at least it looked like..). By the way: The Robin (on the second photo) is bird of the year in Germany. Congratulations! 🙂

Have a good start into the new week and stay healty!

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