Desert Art in the USA

After our vacation in the USA I know that the (Arizona) desert is more than just dry. But right now it is so hot, that recently scientists from Germany died on a hike. Maybe they didn’t read this sign, before they started the trail:

People died on this trail

Well, I don’t know what happened there, but what I know is that it’s more than important to carry enough water when hiking.

But this is not what I wanted to talk about. I actually like to show you some Desert Art spots in Arizona and California.

Ricardo Breceda: The Art Sculptures of Borrego Springs

When driving through the Anza Borrego desert in Southern California, you might spot huge metal sculptures in the middle of nowhere. These sculptures were build by Ricardo Breceda, an artist from California. When you are there, you really should stop. These creates are huge and really impressive! You’ll find more than 130 of them in the park. Just keep in mind that the park is huge and that the desert art is not all in one spot.

Bruce Munro: Sonoran light

When were visited the city of Phoenix we were lucky enough to be there when the artist Bruce Munro lid up the botanical garden with thousands of lights. The garden was crowded, but it was definitely worth it!

Noah Purifoy: Outdoor Museeum

When we stayed in the small town of Joshua tree, our AirBnB host recommended to “just walk to the end of the street and you will find this great outdoor museum”. Ok, the “museum” was pretty interesting, but it was NOT around the corner as we thought. At least not, when the streets look like this:



The artist Noah Purifoy collected anything he found in the desert and put it together in sculptures. Or just threw it together and called it art. It was nice to stroll over the property. But I wouldn’t recommend to go there when you are not around this area. Entrance is free, but it’s recommended to leave a donation.


Have a good start into the new week 🙂 .




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