Smoky vacation

We had a great vacation in California and Oregon this year. But one thing was really bad: The wildfires. When we arrived in San Francisco our AirBnb host told us that there was a heat … Read more

Top 5 photos – US Westcoast

We are back from the USA and after I browsed the first time through my photos, I’ll show you my personal top five photos today . Of course this is not the only post from … Read more

Desert Art in the USA

After our vacation in the USA I know that the (Arizona) desert is more than just dry. But right now it is so hot, that recently scientists from Germany died on a hike. Maybe they … Read more

Welcome to the world of lizards

When there is one little critter that you will meet when you are in Arizona and in California then it is a lizard. First because lizards love the sun and usually it is sunny everyday … Read more

Bybasti behind the scenes

Of course the pictures in this blog are not taken by a ghost, but by myself. But since I’m usally on my birding photo tours alone, and my camera is not a cellphone with a … Read more

Get your kicks on Route 66!

Well if you ever plan to motor west Jack, take my way it’s the highway that’s the best Get your kicks on Route 66 … (Beginning of a 1946 published song from Nat King Cole) … Read more