Geese and a broken lens

I have many things on my personal schedule right now and this is why I didn’t take many photos in the last few weeks. But the evening light was perfect last weekend and I finally grabbed my photo equipment to go into a nearby wood. The grassland behind the wood is a perfect spot for wildlife viewing.

I spotted deer, storks, cranes and a shrike so far. While walking I suddenly noticed that something felt wrong and seconds later I only heard “boom”. My camera including my heavy tele lens crashed on the ground. I was relived when I still could switch the camera on. But a part of the lens is broken and I had to send it to the manufacturer for repair. Let’s hope that it’s all done with the quote they already send me. Ouch!

Here is the last photo I took on that evening. I like the setting with the geese, the green grass and the flowers

Have a good weekend!

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