Wildlife in Germany

Actually I wanted to post some photos from my wildlife camera today. But since the camera didn’t take any photos (some settings must have been wrong) I will show you some photos I took last weekend on a grassland, instead.
In the last years we had two storks, nesting on the edge of this grassland but unfortunately they did not come last year and neither this spring 🙁 .

That’s too bad, but I was lucky enough to spot some deer, two Egyptian goose, a grey egret and even two cranes. Some of them stop here regularly on their way to their summer home, last week we saw even at least 20 of them.

Another good news: The King Fishers breeding time is about to start. That’s interesting since these bird are more active then. Good opportunity to finally get my perfect photo 🙂

If you don’t need to work, enjoy your time off!

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