Im am an official Espresso Test-Person

It is like a miracle that I like to drink Espresso today. When I remember back, one of my first contacts with coffee was on a flee market. It was cold outside and my grandma came by to bring some hot “coffee”. It was so awful that I did not touch any coffee for years (at this point i did not even know what Espresso was). 🙂

In the meanwhile we slowly have found out what “good Coffee” is and started to experiment with different preparation and brew types. And this is not about a “Double fat free Latte Frapuccino with extra cream”. It’s more about “Single Origin beans with 60% of Canephora from direct trade”.

When you are interested into coffee there is almost now way as to buy some kind of Coffee literature. This is why decided to subscribe the “Crema Magazin“. It is basically a Coffee Lovers magazine. It’s good to stay updated about any Coffee related topics: Beans, Roasters, techniques but also political issues and price politics in the Coffee producing countries. And there is also the choice of the “Best Espresso of the year”. Last year we were not fast enough, since only the first 150 get a test test package. But this year we made it under the first 150 and got one of the test packages. (we paid for that of course!)

In the next weeks I will test six different Espresso beans and I am excited about it 🙂 .

Stay healthy and have a good start into the new week!

Disclaimer: This is no commercial and Coffee in one of my hobbies. I did not get any more for this article and I wrote it on my own. I regulary pad for the coffee test package.

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