Two pencils – One story

We have just decluttered some cornes of our apartment. Besides some other things we found an old Rucksack with tissues, old sweets and two pencils in it.

After I put everything on a pile for the waste, I looked at the pencils again. The words “Family Search” immediately brought back memories. Let’s go back to May 2013 for this.

After we left the Grand Canyon our next stop on our Roadtrip was Salt Lake City. The City is the last “big” city before the Yellowstone National Park, where we wanted to head next. The city itself was very clean and tidy, a little too much I would say. We did not have many plans (we both needed a haircut, though) but there was one thing on our bucket list: The „FamilySearch Library“. It would be interesting to see if we can find something about our families there. From the outside the “library” is a shiny but unspectacular building. From the inside; let’s say it all went different as we thought. But one step after the other. 🙂

Our goal was actually to get into the large archive to search for some information.But just after we entered the building one of the helpful intrusive “Sisters” immediately started to brainwash us with Jesus and the Godfather. It would not have been a surprise if she would have put us on chains to manipulate us. It was really creepy and for one moment we really thought that we never get back outside.

So, what is this library really about? The “library” belongs to Mormons and is actually a huge data hunter. I guess German data protectors would get crazy in there. You can find (almost) everything you like to know about everyone (who lives / lived in the US). Just one mouse click away we found Yearbooks, photos and the Wedding certificate(!) of Anna’s pupil exchange parents in Ohio. Just because we were in there. No protection, no authentication, nothing. The really strange thing about this is: The information you get in there are rather interesting. But the more or less hidden tries of converting us to Mormoms were really strange.

Even if this was THE chance to get any answer about any questions regarding God and the Mormons we did not ask any question in this direction (guess why 😉 ). But one question was really freaking us out: Why is this city so overly clean? The answer: “Salt Lake City places special emphasis on cleanliness because so many church members travel from around the world to visit the Center of Faith” THAT makes sense 🙂

Of course a have some photos from Salt lake city for you:

You can find the original text on our Canada Blog. (in German language only)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a good start into the new week!

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