Much outdoors – not so many photos

I must admit, that I am currently a bit lazy in photography. We are actually outdoors almost everyday at least for a short walk. But in most cases I leave my camera and even my smartphone at home. And the last time I took my camera with me I did not find any animals to shoot on the way (I only had my large lens with me – landscape photography does not work with this one..)

But last week I found a dead grass snake. Well, dead animals are not so interesting (oh, found a dead frog today, only the part with the head, to be specific 😉 ) but it was a small sensation for me. As I told you some time ago I have never seen ANY (dead or alive) snakes here in Germany. The worst thing was (besides the snake was dead and not alive) that I did not have my smartphone with me.

Some time ago I hid myself in the bushes, just to see what comes around. At least I saw some mice, a woodpecker, a fire crest, a squirrel, a great tit and a peacock butterfly. Here are the photos in the same order as just described:

Have a good start into the new week and stay healthy! 🙂

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