Peggy the campervan

Last weekend we met with friends, who recently bought an old Volkswagen van and made a camper van out of it. That is something we definitely like to do as well! Actually we already had a camper van: Her name was Peggy.

During our work & travel stay in Canada we decided to make a longer road trip.This was when we started to think about bying a new vehicle.

Tenting and taking the car we already owned was no option. A trailer would have been to heavy for our Honda. And a motor home would have been to large for our purpose. On craigslist we found a 1987 Dodge camper van. Beige from the outside, with pink interior. We named this babe Peggy.

“Is the van dry? Are there any leaks?” We asked. “All dry, no leaks” is what the seller told us. We bought it right away. But it took me several hours of work and drives to Canadian Tire before it REALLY was dry.

As soon as the weather got better, we took Peggy for a short camping trip to a lake near Vancouver. Test successfully completed!

A few weeks and a trip to Maui later we finally hit the road: Down Highway 1 to LA, then to Las Vegas, Yellowstone and back to Canada.

In Oregon and Washington state we were lucky to have Peggy. It was often wet and rainy. One evening it was raining so heavily that the way to the restrooms was completely flooded. Not Peggy though: No leaks, all dry!

And Peggy also made a good job when the sun was shining ๐Ÿ™‚

In Death Valley we learned that it is worth a lot to have a working air condition and a cooler. A cold Pepsi tastes even better when it is over 45 degrees celcius outside! And in the Yellowstone National Park Peggy securely navigated us through the Bison herds.

Small Peggy always cut a good figure between the large American motor homes ๐Ÿ™‚

Peggy never let us down. Well, almost ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides a small problem near Mendocino and a break problem, ironically on a downhill ride only a few kilometres before Vancouver. The van totally drove us about 10300km trough eleven states and provinces in USA and Canada.


Thank you Peggy, we will never forget you!


On we have documented the whole stay in Canada and the USA ( it is in German language). Check it out if you like!







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