Smoky vacation

We had a great vacation in California and Oregon this year. But one thing was really bad: The wildfires. When we arrived in San Francisco our AirBnb host told us that there was a heat wave in California at that time. Yes, it was hot indeed: Around 105 degree Fahrenheit (which is 40 degree Celsius).

After we left the city and drove up north, you could not see the sky for a long time. First it looked like fog but then you could smell it: It was all smoke. In Portland many people used face masks to protect themselves. We even discovered a thin layer of ashes on our car one morning. And the bad thing was, that the smoky sky was all over Oregon and accompanied us from San Francisco up to Portland (which is around 630 miles / 1000km). It only got better when we drove east to the coast. We were lucky, since we could just drove away. Just think of all the people who are living in that area. And there are still several fires going on.

Here is a short video, nothing spectacular. But it pretty good shows how it looked like a long time:


And here are some photos. I like them! But it’s also sad to think about why they look so different.

Have a good start into the new week! ๐Ÿ™‚

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