Pietzmoor: In the peatland

Some days ago, while browsing through one of our local rags, we found an article about cotton grass which is blooming in the Pietzmoor peatlands not far from here. And since there is also a … Read more

Bird is the word!

Saturday morning 6 am . Normally I would turn around once again, wrapped in my blanket, cosily in my bed. Not so yesterday. Since Anna had to leave for a business trip early, and the … Read more

The early bird gets the … cuckoo

My intention on Sunday morning wasn’t really to catch one of my target birds but just when I left the yard I heard “cuckoo..cuckoo” and it was worth a try to get a photo of … Read more

Winter time is birding time

November rain: It’s not a good time to go outside right now – neither for walking nor for taking pictures. The rain, the cloudy sky and the wind make you want to stay inside.The only … Read more