The Kingfisher photo challenge

The truth

Actually the title doesn’t describe it very well. A better title would have been: Sitting around at a small pond for five hours and waiting for a common Kingfisher to come around. But that would have been too long :-).

The Kingfisher

I had seen my first (European) Kingfisher last year, when we were on a canoe tour in Eastern Germany. At least this is the first time I can remember. Since we are living in the Lüneburger Heide area, I’ve seen quite a few, but only speeding by very fast. I never knew where to find these birds but what do you know – I found them living just a stone’s throw away.

The challenge

So now that I know where to find them, my challenge is to get the perfect Kingfisher photo. That’s not easy, because these small and pretty birds are rare and very shy. Now it’s only steadiness and a calm hand that I need for the perfect shot.

The photos I took in the last two days, are far away from perfect but I’d like to show you some of them anyways:

Have a great start into the last week before christmas!


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