Travel tip: Duisburg Rheinpark

One thing I’d like to mention: Even when talking about a travel tip, it’s not worth to go there when you have a longer journey. The place is very nice, but it’s only interesting when you are living in the “Rhein/Ruhr” area and want to breath a little fresh air.

We are always looking for interesting places around where we live. In this case we decided to drive to the “Ruhrpark” in Duisburg, which is basically a area where you can walk around a bit. You should bring at least one hour, depending how far you want to walk; there are two bridges you need to cross, when you plan to walk on both sides. They are not that far away from each other, but the entrance is quite far on the end.

This route is just an example, actually your are walking directly next to the river the whole time, which is really nice. After the walk we had a piece of cake in the “Ziegenpeter“, a small restaurant with river view.

Have a good start into the new week!

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