Smoky vacation

We had a great vacation in California and Oregon this year. But one thing was really bad: The wildfires. When we arrived in San Francisco our AirBnb host told us that there was a heat … Read more

This is Portland – Part two: Street Art

Apart from hanging around in cafes and restaurants 😉 we love to explore cities by walking around. And this is always a good opportunity to look for some nice street art. I haven’t seen that … Read more

This is Portland – Part one

First of all: Sorry for the error message. This is caused by an update and I hope this will be fixed  soon! Let me start with a quote from the book “This is Portland” by … Read more

Top 5 photos – US Westcoast

We are back from the USA and after I browsed the first time through my photos, I’ll show you my personal top five photos today . Of course this is not the only post from … Read more

On the road again…

We are currently on the road in western USA and right now in Bend, Oregon. Since I only have my smartphone with me ,I will not publish new posts here.  But you can follow me … Read more

Peggy the campervan

Last weekend we met with friends, who recently bought an old Volkswagen van and made a camper van out of it. That is something we definitely like to do as well! Actually we already had … Read more

Streetart in the Wynwood Art District – Miami

The last day on a long distance journey is always a challenge: You want to do as much as possible (in USA it’s shopping most of the time..) but you can’t go to far from … Read more

Remains of prehistory in Florida – in other words: Alligators and tortoises

Florida consists of 18% water. And in almost all of these waters you will find alligators and tortoises. There is not an exact number of how many alligators live in Florida but it’s more than … Read more

Mailbox creativity in Florida

Mailboxes in North America – depending on the area I sometimes have the feeling that people have a competition about who has the largest, the most colourful or the strangest mailbox infront of their home. … Read more

Canoeing in Florida – part 2: Everglades

In my first blogpost about canoeing in Florida, I already mentioned that we canoed two times. In this blogpost I’ll tell you more about that. The everglades is a large wetlands area in Southern Florida. … Read more