This is Portland – Part one

First of all: Sorry for the error message. This is caused by an update and I hope this will be fixed  soon! Let me start with a quote from the book “This is Portland” by … Read more

On the road again…

We are currently on the road in western USA and right now in Bend, Oregon. Since I only have my smartphone with me ,I will not publish new posts here.  But you can follow me … Read more

Peggy the campervan

Last weekend we met with friends, who recently bought an old Volkswagen van and made a camper van out of it. That is something we definitely like to do as well! Actually we already had … Read more

Streetart in the Wynwood Art District – Miami

The last day on a long distance journey is always a challenge: You want to do as much as possible (in USA it’s shopping most of the time..) but you can’t go to far from … Read more

Animals of Florida

As on every trip I love to go outside with my tele lens and take pictures of animals. This is what I did in Florida. Florida has a great variety of birds and reptiles. Most … Read more

Mailbox creativity in Florida

Mailboxes in North America – depending on the area I sometimes have the feeling that people have a competition about who has the largest, the most colourful or the strangest mailbox infront of their home. … Read more

Canoeing in Florida – part 2: Everglades

In my first blogpost about canoeing in Florida, I already mentioned that we canoed two times. In this blogpost I’ll tell you more about that. The everglades is a large wetlands area in Southern Florida. … Read more

Feathers, fur and a froggy: Westcoast wildlife

As you might have noticed, some of my favourite photo motives are animals. And usually you can spot lots of wildlife in the Vancouver area, depending where you are. Birds are around almost everywhere. And … Read more

Desert Art in the USA

After our vacation in the USA I know that the (Arizona) desert is more than just dry. But right now it is so hot, that recently scientists from Germany died on a hike. Maybe they … Read more

Welcome to the world of lizards

When there is one little critter that you will meet when you are in Arizona and in California then it is a lizard. First because lizards love the sun and usually it is sunny everyday … Read more